This showreel lasts for a minute and is followed by a breakdown, it shows my work from 2011-2012, the latest is still under NDA or below.

I am available for freelance work in London and abroad. --> 07428280284 /

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00:01 Zbrush/Compositìng - Speedsculpt in Zbrush
00:02 Direction/Zbrush/Texturing/Compositing - “2 minutes de bien-etre” 
00:03 Direction/3D/Compositing - Event Les mercredis Noyés
00:04 Modeling/Texturing/Compositing - “Plateau Télé” Daily TV Show for RTL-TVI
00:06 Modeling/Texturing/Compositing - "Dungeons & Dragons Online” and "Fate 2” Characters for Liquid Development with for MMORPG, 
00:08 Direction/Modeling/Texturing/Compositing “Diables Rouges” 
00:09 Direction/Motion "CUBE" - Events in Belgium
00:13 Modeling/Texturing/Compositing - “Diables Rouges” Belgian Soccer team identity 
00:18 Motion - Budweiser Track your bud Campaign
00:21 Modeling/Texturing/Rigging - I created all the Samsam family characters 
00:25 Motion - Ballantines Championship
00:28 Motion - TV identity 
00:30 Direction/Design/Animation - Fennec productions 
00:32 Lead designer/Motion - RTL-TVI Channel identity
00:34 Maya/Modeling/Rigging/Texturing/Animation - Ladybird project created with Sébastien Desmet who did all the renderman and lightings.
00:40 Motion - L2 Video presentation
00:42 Direction/Animation - Stop motion movie for cravendale epicstraws
00:48 Direction/Motion - Coolroofs video presentation
00:50 Direction/Motion - British Gas smart vision - Animated piece done in AE.
00:53 Direction/Motion - Queen Extravaganza
00:55 Motion - Perimeter boards for Budweiser during the FAcup

I'm a character modeler/texturer and a motion designer with experience in gaming, broadcast and digital for almost 10 years now. I'm a fast learner and fast worker, I believe I am an excellent fit in any challenging and creative environment.
music: "edIT - Ants"
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