Den Jævla Naboen - F**king Neighbours 

We were asked to create a set of deliverables to support the Norway talkshow 'Den Jævla Naboen'. Or translated in English we are told 'That F**king Neighbour'. 
Straight talking and self explanatory. 
We delivered a 20' animated introduction developing the storyboard based on some of the true stories that are to be featured in the show. Taking inspiration from toy plasticine clay models for the characters, we pushed to deliver a high spec animation with a good sense of fun and comedy at the forefront of the production. 
Feed Me Light delivered a 20' animated introduction, plus logo, bumpers and additional features for broadcast. 
Client: Animaskin
Producer: Julian Nazario Vargas

Animation Studio / Production Company: Feed Me Light
Producer: Kiri Haggart

Directors: Marc & Denis Bouyer

Character Design / Storyboard: Marc Bouyer
Environment Design: Sebastien Iglesias
3D Animatic: Sophie Blayrat
3D Modeling & Textures: Felipe Hansen, Marc Bouyer, Denis Bouyer, Olivier Pirard, Denis Bodart, Sophie Blayrat, Benoit Berthe
3D Rigging: Denis Bodart
3D Animation: Aurelien Duhayon, Amael Isnard
3D FX: Denis Bodart
Lighting / Rendering: Olivier Pirard, Denis Bouyer, Denis Bodart
Compositing: Denis Bouyer

T: +44 (0) 2032 892 090
19-23 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AA
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